We cover all your events from wedding to small birthday party. We are equipped with Sony Professional camera and do video editing with high end software (Final Cut Studio 3)



Transfer your VHS and Camcorder Tapes to DVD

VHS and camcorder tapes degrade with time, the magnetic tape could be left blank with the passing of the years. When you convert VHS to DVD this conversion process stops the degradation of the video and preserves your movies in DVD. We can also transfer the video file to Hard Drive for easy editing and copying.

We provide chapter marks into your video. This way, when you’re viewing the DVD you can quickly skip scenes without having to watch through the whole movie. We also can offer to provide intro movie at the start and also make customized label and insert packed in attractive DVD cover


Photos/Slides to DVD

This service is ideal for sharing your photos/slides with friends and family. We take your photos/slides and create an unforgettable DVD movie presentation with special effects and background music you wish. We also provide you with thejpeg images in a Cd for easy downloading and printing.